1st in English .. thosewhoinfluencedmeinmylife


اللَّهُمَّ حَبِّبْ عَبْدَكَ هَذَا إِلَى عِبَادِكَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَحَبِّبْ إِلَيَّ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

(Doa Ustaz Zahazan dari hadith Abu Hurairah)

I'm not too good in english writing, but maybe for testing kot, really wanna show you a short writing i did yesterday. Perhaps you might see some incorrect use of verbs, nouns, or even the thing that i want to deliver is not well delivered. But the point is there i just want to let you know who is (are) those who influenced me in my life. This short essay i did (we whole class) did by request from our lecturer,Prof Ahmad Zakaria, which also our school dean, as well as the one who established our programme. Ask google if you don't know who he is ya! Hope you can understand my writing, and those who want to comment or suggest correction are pleased to do so. (en munir Heavenly Ornaments) dan (kak pqa ~last 2 days i did some chatting with your husband, ustaz adam , Light of Taufeeq)

p/s: the aim of doing this misc (??) essay in "Photon Beam Therapy class" is to know our standard understanding of english.



updated: mungkin ada yang perasan di perenggan kedua, "my form 2 and form 3 science teachers" . Saya masih ingta wajah dan cara bercakap mereka. garang, tapi cukup hikmah dalam menyampaikan siapa tuhan di sebalik sains. saya yakin semua guru-guru sains "out there" pun sama. tahniah semua guru-guru yang bagi motivasi sebelum mengajar, dalam masa yang sama silibus pun tamat.


fuad ansari said...

nice essay..

when people can understand what you are talking about, that's good enough..(",)..

p/s: kalau nak buat pembetulan, mungkin dr. pqa dapat membantu.. (",)

Ismi Ijmi said...

thanx abg fuad,.
one weakness found in this essay is the repeated use of "always" .
in such that I always use the word "always" . hah

Aishah Nur Hakim said...


can I give a comment?
or should i help with some grammar correction?

good effort tho.

there's a few ways you could improve your English, either by lots and lots of reading, listening (try to listen to those english tazkirahs, there's a lot in youtube. you could search for brother Nouman or Sheikh Riad Ouarzazi).

you're a medical student, are you?

Aishah Nur Hakim said...

*there are

Ismi Ijmi said...

~ Cik Bulan

perghhhh, excited kot orang dari bulan bagi komen.
this comment box specially created to my blog readers to give their comment, opinion, or if there anything to add to my entries.
and i'm sure u did a good job when gv me those (??, err, ada dua kan) comments.

okay, after some discussion with my colleague we found that those our friends that watching english movies (of course yang ada hugging and kissing) are better in their english. and that becomes one of the asbab some of them got better great (of course not all) as they understand those topics much better than those who are not good in english.

for me sometimes listened to my favourite syeikh, Imran Hossein, or sometimes, Syeikh Hamza Yousuf and Maulana Suleiman Kattani for their talks and bayaans. and also i did some discussion about Islam with those foreign-post-graduate-students as they used to use same "surau" with us undergrade.Those are my effort as alterantive to those "hug and kiss" movies. but still i need some improvements. hehe. pray for me.

thanx for your "comments", appreciate that.

p/s: i'm not that excellent to be a medical student. just a simple health sciences student, which ongoing to grow to be health worker one day. InsyaAllah.

~excited mood~

Bijen M. said...

Jangan risau.
Nanti kat syurga kita speaking Arab ye?
Hak hak!

Aishah Nur Hakim said...

encik bijen nak bagi kelas arab!
hal anta turidu an tata'allamu lugahtul arabiah?
erk. macam salah ni.

among the things that will hardened the heart: watching those 'unislamic' movies.

selalu je jugak baca blog kamu encik. cuma memang segan nak drop komen.

nak bagitahu,
setuju kamu tulis:
ujian lelaki baik, perempuan 'nampak solehah'
tak kurang juga kami.

sebab tu kena kurang komen-mengkomen ke blog orang baik2 ni.


fi amanillah~

Ismi Ijmi said...

en bijen, yah, InsyaAllah kat syurga kita cakap arab.. Atas dunia dah leh stat belajar dah, sebagai tanda azam yang kuat nak jumpa Allah di syurga. InsyaAllah.

cik bulan. yaaaa, jazakillah. saya tau banyak silent reader. kadang2 ada juga blog yang kita takda idea nak bagi komen. takut komen kang silap pulak.btw thnx.

نور توفيقة ادريس said...

Assalam, Izmer.

Ok je english awak. Errors here n there, tapi tak pe lah.. Akak pun selalu je ada grammatical errors:)

It's just, there are times, avoid to translate what you are saying directly dari Malay ke English.. It make sentences sound "numb".

If there's a need for akak to make full correction upon your essay, do let me know, k..

And URL ke blog akak tu macam salah je.. Huhu..

*apa awak cakap dgn suami akak?*

Pencari ALLAH said...

:) percaturan yang baik.

School Of Tots said...

Keep improving by doing more writing and reading as well as talking. Happy journey.

Ismi Ijmi said...

errrr, adeih haiii. tau dah jadi macam tu. tapi taktau macam n=mana nak jadi betul-betul English. memang pemikiran Melayu yang diterjemahkan dalam bahasa inggeris, macam ni la.

~err, sembang macam2~

Pencari Allah..

tq for that advice

Pencari ALLAH said...